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The English title screen to Applejack’s Home Run Derby, a MLP parody game based on Winnie the Pooh’s Home Run Derby.
safe1975047 apple bloom56470 applejack188039 fluttershy238581 pinkie pie238888 rainbow dash259777 rarity203418 scootaloo55570 sweetie belle53528 earth pony363000 pegasus408327 pony1327388 unicorn448077 applejack also dresses in style223 applejack's hat11958 baseball470 baseball bat1387 baseball glove63 bipedal43874 bow38339 clothes560706 cloud37931 cowboy hat22007 cutie mark crusaders20945 female1606545 filly85109 flying47495 foal29983 food87953 game4458 hair bow21612 hat109214 honey405 horn117803 jar1315 looking at you217833 mare620012 parody16653 scootaloo can fly829 shirt32603 sky19207 smiling332292 sports4918 spread wings75720 text76313 tree41545 wings175861 winnie the pooh256


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