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A bug-like queen should be pretty disgusting.
artist needed25801 source needed14168 semi-grimdark29002 queen chrysalis33959 shining armor22589 changeling44973 goo1382 bloated469 child support8 egg3768 fangs23878 female1318543 hyper pregnancy2638 immobile2657 impossibly large belly9980 impossibly wide hips2189 inflation9016 male356091 ooze74 pregnant12851 puddle916 shining chrysalis403 shipping193613 solo1030929 straight131452 wide hips15714


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Background Pony #4D64
@Background Pony #2C34

You think under Equestrian law, that Chrysalis' changelings would be Equestrian citizens, and that Chrysalis, a wanted criminal, would have no legal right to hold onto them.
Background Pony #17C9
@Background Pony
Actually, (in the USA; don't know about anywhere else) if a man is raped and gets his rapist pregnant, he is still required by law to pay child support. Child support laws make no distinction on the circumstances of conception. Even if the woman is convicted of rape and goes to jail for it, she can still sue for child support, and will in most cases get it (often by rationale of this being "best for the wellbeing of the child(ren)").
Background Pony #615E
Child Support? Don't think you've got a case there, Chrys… However, I DO thing Shining might have a RAPE case against YOU.