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safe (1431154)artist:beavernator (860)apple bloom (43655)applejack (148059)fluttershy (184395)pinkie pie (189276)rainbow dash (204155)rarity (157848)scootaloo (46552)sweetie belle (43850)pony (699773)all glory to the beaver grenadier (61)baby (7641)baby apple bloom (86)baby belle (83)baby pony (5387)baby scootaloo (64)beavernator is trying to murder us (126)blank flank (6230)bottle (2980)cider (2266)cloudsdale (1116)comic (89742)cute (148989)cutealoo (2196)cutie mark crusaders (16255)diaper (10832)feeding (1048)foal (12423)scootaloo can fly (592)scootalove (1555)sleeping (19246)


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17 comments posted
Background Pony #85B2
Okay, it turns out this is a sequel to >>28723 where she finds Scoots in a box as a baby. So, all is pretty much what it looks like.

Gets interesting if you put >>698799 and its author’s notes story into continuity with it: maybe Dashie found a filly in a box and immediately took her in because that’s what her dad did for her after she was "born."
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Background Pony #2352
@Background Pony #4687
I really expected it to turn out to be a dream, since we know in the show she’s not really her daughter. If super cruel, it’s Scoots’ dream and she’s really in a box in an alley somewhere. I hoped, though, that it’d be Dashie’s dream because she loves the little daredevil so much and wants her for a daughter.
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Background Pony #5B49
This would get really painful if they added a last panel with Scootaloo dreaming all of it.
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Background Pony #0374
Know the prequel comic. Still, like I said, Scootaloo was made for Scootabuse not Scootalove.
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Background Pony #F04A
@Background Pony
Actually this is a sequel comic. In the original Rainbow Dash finds Scootaloo abandoned in a cardboard box and takes her. May still abandon, but never really her kid.
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Background Pony #E975
One Week before she gives her kid up for adoption and treats her like an annoying burden for the rest of her life. Fits, no Twilight, she hasn’t come to town yet.
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