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Twitter sketch no. 317
Hitch tries really hard.
#Mylittlepony #bronies #mylittleponyfanart #mlpg5 https://t.co/rQX62pohQX
safe1881746 artist:pony-berserker1042 hitch trailblazer5006 pipp petals7096 zipp storm5461 earth pony322589 pegasus365633 pony1228283 pony-berserker's twitter sketches352 g524165 cellphone4965 duo94153 female1519638 implied hitch trailblazer44 implied hitchpipp22 implied shipping5771 implied straight5766 oblivious559 phone8593 pony-berserker's twitter sketches (2022)49 siblings12680 simple background464855 sisters11316 smartphone2911 white background118267


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While I can appreciate the staff not going that route in the movie… The way they framed Hitch first seeing Pipp is a classic “Love At First Sight” moment, and I kinda want to see that develope.
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Loving fan and shipper
This is pretty much how I imagine a Hitch x Pipp dynamic–Hitch giving 18923754893257 signs that he’s utterly smitten, and Pipp being oblivious 🤭🤭
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