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safe1945890 artist:scribble-potato88 cloudpuff331 hitch trailblazer7328 izzy moonbow12682 mcsnips-a-lot158 pipp petals10770 sprout cloverleaf1873 sunny starscout11695 zipp storm8495 bird11231 crab1218 dog11844 earth pony350581 flying pomeranian221 pegasus394950 pomeranian256 pony1295598 seagull404 unicorn433753 g536526 my little pony: a new generation13565 coat markings8690 critter magnet217 eyes closed118022 female1579208 male450544 mane five (g5)2291 mare603871 new mane six (g5)112 open mouth193073 rain6982 siblings14344 sisters12544 socks (coat markings)5085 speech bubble31004 stallion145551 teary eyes5542 unshorn fetlocks34984 wet9793 wet mane5815 winged dog269


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Background Pony #0BF2
Sprouts dynamics with his new pals
Sunny: they are a bit awkward around eachother
Hitch: basically applejack and rainbow dash
Izzy: hes annoyed at first but they become besties
Pipp: pipps sam minus the gluttony and sprouts freddie
Zipp:they are homies
Background Pony #C930
hitch giving sunny his critter magnet gimmick with a sign around her neck is adorable

Snugs are Drugs for Bugs
“But Zipp, you’re gonna get so cold! What if you get sick??”
“Eh, I’ll be fine. Can’t have your mane getting ruined after all that work you put into it. Right, princess?”