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“Mother, can you please stop taking so many pictures of random buildings… or random people for that matter? You’re making a bit of a scene,” Rarity pleaded as she watched her mom fall behind, occasionally glancing at whoever happened to pass by and stare curiously.

However, Cookie Crumbles was far too distracted by the sights around her to bother catching up, opting to instead take as many photos as she can. “Oh, it’s just exciting. There’s hardly ever any time for this sorta thing.”

“It’s just a visit downtown, Mother. I’ve been here quite often actually,” Rarity insisted, taking out her phone to check the time.

“Oh, I know,” Cookie replied, finally catching up to her daughter. “Coming downtown is one thing, but ever since you started college, me and your father hardly see you anymore. Even when you’re home, you’re always in your room studying for a test or designing another masterpiece. So, it’s really nice to be spending time with you again.”

“Uh-huh, right…” But Rarity was hardly listening, barely muttering a response as she continued scrolling through her phone for her schedule. “Now we need to hurry. Brunch took up way more time than I thought, but we might still make it to our spa appointment in time.”

“Ooh, a spa?!” Cookie’s eyes suddenly grew wide upon hearing the news. “Oh, my gosh! First brunch, now a mani-pedi? Oh, thank you so much for this, Rarity! My big girl certainly has some big tastes here!” Suddenly in her burst of excitement, she reached out and grabbed her daughter by her soft shoulder, pulling her in close for a selfie. “Say ‘cheese’!”

“Ugh… cheese,” Rarity said with a wince of embarrassment, forcing the biggest smile she can possibly muster.

Rarity - 717 lbs
Cookie Crumbles - 325 lbs
suggestive162736 artist:neongothic305 cookie crumbles1181 rarity196541 equestria girls224320 bbw4786 beehive hairdo110 belly33029 big belly14380 big breasts98070 bingo wings3006 blushing224922 breasts319993 busty cookie crumbles351 busty rarity14741 chubby cheeks4492 cleavage38806 double chin2192 ear piercing32672 earring25324 embarrassed12834 equestria girls-ified11332 fat24662 fat boobs970 fat fetish2151 female1520778 fetish45844 huge breasts45580 jewelry82019 morbidly obese8905 mother and child3442 mother and daughter6627 obese13018 piercing49528 raritubby1178 selfie3740 selfie stick73 ssbbw1934 story included10534 weight gain4902


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Background Pony #FCE4
I assume Sunset or Pinkie are next. Sunset should be around 1621-1651 from my estimations. Pinkie should at least be at 780. Someone should be getting another weight update in a few days.
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Background Pony #C837
“Cottage cheese”? Seriously? I mean, just…no. That just comes off as fat shaming no matter how you meant it; I don’t think I’d even use that line for someone who was into the shame.
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Background Pony #FCE4
Cookie looks much too big for 325. Must be the angle. Still not even half as obese as her daughter yet she looks about the same size as her in this image.
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Background Pony #1F7F
I noticed it says Cookie’s weight is 325 despite Rarity claiming her mother weighs around 350 on the blog