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Here it is, the beautiful, kindhearted Princess Cadance as a human. I will admit this is probably a lot better than the last picture with Celestia. Oh well but enjoy and don’t forget to leave a dislike, keep on bringing the ratios WOO-HOOO!!!
safe1882747 artist:ocean lover79 princess cadance35488 human181923 balcony1582 bare shoulders4085 beautiful6407 belly button90104 clothes526865 cloud35355 crown22321 crystal empire2490 disney style153 dress50697 girly girl39 gradient hair92 hand10048 heart56040 human coloration5852 humanized106449 jewelry82017 looking at you200022 magic81737 midriff20837 multicolored hair7736 outdoors14411 princess of love152 regalia26199 shadow5532 shiny skin218 sitting73207 sky17252 smiling303716 smiling at you10582 sparkles5758


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Ocean Lover

Thanks for the kind words, but in all honesty I’m all good. I really don’t care if people down vote my work here because I’m here to upload art and that’s it. When I say “Oh make sure to bring in the dislikes”, I’m mostly joking. Sure it does suck when I see people dislike my stuff, but frankly I could give less of a crap because being ratio ed doesn’t scare me, I exist in the real world. And being disliked bombed doesn’t determine whether my art is great or not. I agree that my art is decent, it’s not the greatest thing in the whole wide world but I’m still proud of putting it on this platform. Plus I’m not here to be the top image of the week or anything, I could care less about that either, I do this because I love art. Art for me is a hobby and I have other interests that I love doing in life, and this happens to be second rate for me. But anyways thank you once again for the encouragement and I’ll see if I can improve.
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