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Miles and Niles of Cat and Fat #9
Last pic, I said there were 2 milestones left, when the ACTUAL number then was supposed to be 3. My mistake. From THIS pic alone, it includes Wednesday night and Saturday night. In any case, another reminder that Saturday night is the last night I’ll accept donation for this Drive. So HOP TO IT, BOIS!

“Nile”stone Tallies:
CAT: 1677 lbs (not including the 500lbs headstart I gave the Sphinx.)
PONY: 697 lbs

RD: (grunting and straining hesitantly as she wiggles to no escape)
SP: “Oh Dashie. You should’ve seen it. A few more dramatic gulps frm me, and I’m almost to the top of the pyramid. How’s that, heroes?! Also, your blue friend here makes a nice couch…!”
SM: (burps)
PP: “Looks to me like you’ve already won this one, Jinxy, even though we only have 1 week left. STILL! I got my own new mattress right here. Right, Somny?”
SM: “No use fighting that logic anymore….”
SP: “Hey, what did I say aobut calling my JINXY?!” (belches)

As always:
TEAM CAT will gain 12 lbs for every $3 usd donated. TEAM PONY will gain 18 lbs for every $3 usd donated.
(you can choose to go for either team, or even BOTH at the same time. It’s up to you!)
(and when donating, name either team CAT, PONY, or BOTH, please)

NOW is the good time to say that there is only 2 MILESTONES left before I close off Ms. Jinxy’s Wild Ride. (which isn’t even that wild to begin with, but the heck with it.)
Anyway, will our lovely kitty BLOB be as big as the pyramid before Thursday? How will poor Dashie get from under the massive squishy of the mighty feline booty?? That is up to YOU, the contributors, to decide!!!
(also, I present to you… the most poorly drawing pyramid EVER! Ha ha ha…!)
suggestive172821 artist:rupertbluefox282 pinkie pie238548 rainbow dash259270 somnambula2256 sphinx (character)1107 earth pony361207 pegasus406390 pony1322817 sphinx2348 series:miles&nilesofcat&fat12 2 panel comic2359 belly36080 belly bed3459 big belly16346 bipedal43723 blushing238558 butt178840 chubby cheeks4866 comic123845 cross-popping veins2283 desert1898 egyptian1449 egyptian headdress436 egyptian pony704 eyeshadow22601 faceful of ass1978 facesitting3967 fat26049 fat fetish2465 female1602751 fetish49181 floppy ears64487 group5534 high res86665 hug33549 huge belly6603 impossibly large belly13190 incentive drive343 large butt25779 lidded eyes38987 lip bite13691 lying down32729 makeup30963 mare618047 missing accessory9251 morbidly obese9375 night32863 obese13714 open mouth197641 paws6190 piggy pie736 plot115040 prone30785 pudgy pie1784 puffy cheeks4708 pyramid463 quartet707 rainblob dash1014 shading2971 shocked8906 shrunken pupils5335 size difference18146 smiling331048 squishy belly59 squishy butt89 the ass was fat18566 this ended in weight gain52 tongue out128515 wall of tags5409 weight gain5191 weight gain sequence1460


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