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Artist’s description:
“was it a coincidence that Celestia’s mane and tail colors are somewhat similar with irl aurorae ┐( ∵ )┌
Inspired from this piece (check this one too!):>>970252
safe1917581 artist:carencake2 princess celestia103133 alicorn264119 pony1265212 alicorn magic26 aurora borealis548 clothes539817 crepuscular rays3825 crown23295 ethereal hair185 ethereal mane10212 ethereal tail722 eyes closed115050 female1553255 flying45354 glowing10440 glowing horn24204 hoof shoes7107 horn108457 jewelry85859 magic83634 magic aura6095 mare587312 motion blur548 necklace24786 no mouth593 peytral4595 planet1372 princess shoes174 regalia27652 shoes47073 signature33306 solo1224599 space5695 sparkling mane39 sparkly hair14 spread wings70674 stars19082 sun7856 tail57826 wings162763


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…yeah, I don’t think it was. Luna got a galaxy mane, so it follows that Celestia would have a mane that’s somehow patterned after a cosmic phenomena (I mean, it definitely isn’t a rainbow mane like Dashie has).