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AJ doesn’t much appreciate perverted tomfoolery when there’s work to be done.
Then again, it’s kinda hard to focus with those ample apples wobblin’ in front of your face…
suggestive170056 artist:astrum165 applejack186299 earth pony350236 pony1294621 amplejack190 annoyed6265 applebutt5480 applefat647 applejack's hat11561 belly34850 belly on floor438 big belly15624 butt170828 chubby cheeks4723 cowboy hat21412 dialogue78571 digital art25197 fat25628 female1578339 freckles35683 full body5925 hat106235 high res83869 huge belly6150 huge butt12880 impossibly large belly12833 impossibly large butt8626 jiggle2165 large butt24616 lidded eyes38072 looking at you212126 looking back72302 looking back at you22341 mare603478 morbidly obese9204 mouth hold20821 obese13434 offscreen character42827 onomatopoeia6219 plot111055 raised hoof58583 rear view17606 rope13965 solo1245220 stetson5427 stretched cutie mark482 talking8285 the ass was fat18049 thighs21299 thunder thighs11937 unamused20151 wobbling134


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