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Commission for @grey_twist
It’s the first page of a comic with Golden stuck in the washing machine and Twisty will help her to get out… Just if him can resist that milf booty 🧺
suggestive164960 artist:an-tonio2186 oc797713 oc only590208 oc:golden brooch645 oc:twisty112 anthro299631 ass63070 breasts323710 busty golden brooch262 butt148803 clothes532807 comic119682 female1535336 imminent sex8466 laundry164 milf11136 panties55475 stuck3161 tanktop9154 underwear67935 washing machine274 white underwear3666 wide load184


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The good ending:
You help Golden Brooch out of her unfortunate situation. Securing her release from the washing machine seemed surprisingly easy to you. But you feel good about your actions.
You notice Mrs Brooch seems to have a perplexed expression by this outcome but she rolls her eyes and gives you a few pats on the head and her gratitude for your help. Perhaps she did not expect it to end this way so swiftly? Doesnt matter now, You did a good deed. You feel good.
Background Pony #3FD2
Oh…I really can’t resist the beautiful milf booty, so hot and plump I can do what I like with it. I love u so much broochy.
Background Pony #B090
“Dammit, Step-Mom, this is the third time this week, and it’s only Tuesday.”
That’s precisely why you’re supposed to either wait for it to stop or turn it off before putting any part of your body into machinery. They wouldn’t tell you not to do that if many people hadn’t already been killed and/or seriously injured doing the same.
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I remember one particularly chilly winter day, I checked the dryer before the timer had ended.
It was just so warm in there, I had to stick my head in and soak it in…
Probably woukd have been nice… if my shoulder didn’t trip the door sensor. >>
For a brief, terrifying second or two, I thought I was a goner… ><