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I read a mlp fanfic called Hard Reset and I remembered why I liked Twilight so much.
(Also, this story has barely any fan art and I’m not content with that)
safe1946297 artist:melodymelanchol10 princess luna108308 spike86483 twilight sparkle330087 alicorn269784 dragon70372 pony1295958 unicorn433945 fanfic:hard reset15 baseball bat1361 big crown thingy2750 blood28244 blushing234746 clothes549723 cute232071 dark magic2965 dress52865 element of generosity1165 element of honesty1144 element of kindness1302 element of laughter1158 element of loyalty1341 element of magic2933 elements of harmony2688 fanfic art16698 female1579549 gem7985 green blood134 grin51578 happy37679 home run13 hug33058 jewelry88603 magic85181 mare604034 pencil4279 purple background4346 regalia28852 scared12490 simple background490590 smiling323585 sparkles6286 spikabetes2399


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