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Thanks for the work by @paipaishuaige ,original in
safe1972720 artist:paipaishuaige186 derpy hooves54030 fluttershy238331 rainbow dash259442 soarin'15148 spitfire14669 surprise3033 bird11550 pegasus407208 pony1324675 clothes559722 cloud37874 female1604477 flying47441 goggles16492 mare618997 rainbow trail867 signature35122 sky19161 smiling331602 uniform13629 wings175348 wonderbolts4066 wonderbolts uniform6693


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Skunk pony protector
The information about Dash that I would have used was that she was the one out of the whole main cast that hated being clean the most. Dash would be more comfortable with the stench of a hard day’s work or just from lazing about. She would be created to contact Rarity’s uptight behavior of every item and everypony needing to be completely clean at all times. She would be the stinker of the group. She would also be the one that actually might have a secret case of diapers to put on if she truly wants to relive being a filly again.

Skunk pony protector
How is Dash having so much fun in that uniform/flight suite and keeping it clean at all times? Let me know if you want me to explain.