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having a daughter is not always easy (especially when you’re a princess)
I was inspired to draw cadence again because of that 10 year anniversary thing
and I guess a little bit because of mothers day too C:
safe1975281 artist:renderpoint208 princess cadance36805 princess flurry heart8620 alicorn275206 pony1327658 canterlot wedding 10th anniversary392 chest fluff53619 colored wings9966 crown25086 cute236965 cutedance1436 dialogue80642 duo119011 duo female20517 eye clipping through hair11070 eyebrows15516 eyebrows visible through hair7869 feather7419 female1606873 filly85158 flurry heart riding cadance22 flurrybetes1045 foal30031 folded wings13014 frown28889 high res86943 ink1416 inkwell546 jewelry91654 looking at someone7518 mare620075 mother and child4070 mother and daughter7067 obscured text28 older34265 older flurry heart2230 on head60 onomatopoeia6531 open mouth198476 open smile16715 paperwork171 parent and child116 pomf570 ponies riding ponies2708 pony hat467 quill3092 regalia29971 riding8427 smiling332307 spread wings75748 two toned wings4781 wingboner9107 wings175981


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Needs more Starburst
Cadance, how can you expect Shining to look after an energetic young filly whom is magically more powerful than he is and can fly!?
Still a cute piece of work here!