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Decided to go back to this Rarity and shade her in.
suggestive167572 artist:astrum151 rarity199342 pony1267909 unicorn420816 belly34115 belly on floor423 big belly15189 bingo wings3142 bow35882 butt163423 chubby cheeks4647 digital art24625 double chin2270 eating11231 eyes closed115274 fat25254 fat fetish2274 female1555595 fetish47315 flabby chest520 floating heart4336 food83896 gift art3246 happy36899 heart58338 huge belly5937 huge butt12542 ice cream5703 impossibly large belly12655 impossibly large butt8478 large butt23715 levitation13834 magic83779 mare588754 morbidly obese9101 near immobile403 neck roll1406 obese13297 plot106627 raised hoof57371 raritubby1214 ribbon8009 silverware58 smiling315736 solo1226497 solo female201700 spoon1598 telekinesis32814 weight gain5014


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