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I’m a self-indulgent bastard. Made a quick edit of Dashie having gotten some belly lovin’. This is what happens when I find a shape that pushes all my buttons. lol
Not sure how good the love bites look; if you have advice on how to depict this sort of thing, feel free and thx
suggestive167166 alternate version64160 artist:astrum151 rainbow dash254738 pegasus381762 anthro304087 ass64319 bbw4887 bedroom eyes69846 belly34007 belly button92359 belly grab262 big belly15110 big breasts101556 bingo wings3116 biting4406 blushing230695 bra18575 breasts328638 busty rainbow dash9563 butt154677 chubby cheeks4619 clothes539577 dialogue76915 digital art24530 drool29026 erect nipples13820 fat25188 female1552554 floating heart4307 grope16172 hand on belly469 heart58193 hickey74 high res80930 huge belly5888 huge breasts47021 huge butt12495 impossibly large belly12622 impossibly large breasts19670 impossibly large butt8450 impossibly wide hips2519 jiggle2123 large butt23567 lidded eyes37019 looking down11301 love bite81 morbidly obese9072 nipple outline9257 obese13258 offscreen character41870 onomatopoeia6018 panties56061 rainblob dash978 rainbutt dash4815 sexy35938 showing off602 smiling314794 solo1224025 solo female201401 squeeze245 squishy3075 ssbbw1966 standing17048 stomach noise3985 stretched cutie mark438 stupid sexy rainbow dash3855 thick5221 thighs20333 thunder thighs11433 tight clothing3064 tubby wubby pony waifu213 underwear68723 wide hips22863


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