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semi-grimdark35266 artist:the-butch-x1650 starlight glimmer58567 human234414 undead5676 vampire5590 equestria girls249333 g41930944 mirror magic2903 spoiler:eqg specials6230 badass3712 beanie4740 bite mark698 blood30538 breasts376314 busty starlight glimmer3310 clothes611933 commission110704 cool645 drool33368 edgy1755 evil3774 evil grin6180 female1740477 glowing17391 glowing eyes14875 grin60072 growling492 hat119629 looking at you246459 open mouth225602 pants21332 patreon14977 patreon logo9534 red background1751 red eyes10883 sharp nails122 sharp teeth6004 simple background569552 smiling377226 solo1382523 teenager6987 teeth19652 tongue out141538 torn clothes6639 uvula3070 vest5544


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Background Pony #DE35
This is my favorite vampire the artist has done so far, it really feels and looks like shes about to kill you 💖
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Looks like this new laptop The-Butcher-X bought helped him make new pictures in less time. This is the 4th picture he made this month. And this is making me happy, since I’m one of his greatest fans :D