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hi there
i have some fat mlp fanart xd
a big happy muffin!
suggestive170691 artist:srakojepie6 pinkie pie236940 earth pony352349 pony1299993 belly35118 big belly15855 butt172377 fat25707 female1582833 flabby chest544 mare606051 morbidly obese9238 multeity2705 neck roll1459 obese13488 open mouth193851 open smile15151 piggy pie729 plot112094 pudgy pie1765 rainbow power3006 raised hoof58764 screencap reference1127 simple background492100 smiling324606 solo1249004 white background127246


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Background Pony #91F4
i know these rainbow forms are supposed to be able to fly, but pinkie looks way too big for that