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Guess I’m late, oh well.
Rage face inspired from Rarity’s face rage from g5 movie.
Also, lincoln. If you’re reading this, your oc was the best thing from this April Fools event. And you’re welcome.
safe1945633 artist:thatusualguy06278 derpibooru exclusive33793 oc822960 oc only605616 oc:derpthereum13 pony1295388 unicorn433643 derpibooru7585 .svg available9419 absurd resolution70697 april fools997 april fools 202297 derpibooru ponified871 derpthereum23 fangs32453 female1578986 full body5931 grin51555 hooves22292 horn112532 looking at you212267 mare603766 meta17493 movie accurate1579 not trixie136 ponified45905 red eyes8436 shadow5875 sharp teeth5010 simple background490312 smiling323430 smiling at you13177 solo1245725 standing17515 svg4246 tail62002 teeth14581 transparent background243117 two toned mane3881 two toned tail1765 vector83413


not provided yet


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