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“I’m not a sphinx!”
“I don’t care.”
“I can never have foals!”
“We can adopt some.”
safe1972248 artist:badumsquish2287 derpibooru exclusive34765 part of a set18502 sphinx (character)1107 star tracker527 earth pony361847 pony1324321 sphinx2348 angry32653 blushing238808 boots28370 bracelet12761 clothes559543 cosplay31572 costume35214 crossdressing10997 crossplay183 desert1897 dialogue80263 duo118040 egyptian1449 egyptian headdress436 egyptian pony704 embarrassed13610 folded wings12932 freckles36522 headdress745 jewelry91333 mistaken gender65 offscreen character43983 paw pads3052 paws6200 ponified46364 raised hoof59907 shoes49600 show accurate23303 some like it hot4 somnambula (location)172 starcrossed29 talking8595 tiara5623 wings175253


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
@Background Pony #BC56
Just a costume :P
@Mellow Rhythm
@Background Pony #B21D
He’s good at what he does.
A local amorous noodleboi simply wasn’t getting the hint… and still isn’t XD
Very smol. Optimum size to be scooped up like a cat and cradled on his back while he squirms a little bit but not really XD
@Dirty Bit
It’s ripped almost word for word from a scene in Some Like It Hot XD
Somnambulan sneks adore sphinxes :P
Also a certain lamia’s new pet XD
Background Pony #C024
“I’m a pony wearing a costume, not a real sphinx!”
“Magic can cure that easy.”
“Wait, what?”
Background Pony #B21D
I was confused at first until I realized it’s our favorite cosplayer.