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My Little Pony: A New Generation is being nominated for Best Motion Picture at the Ursa Major Awards. Vote for it now on https://ursamajorawards.org/voting2021/
safe1901953 boulder media157 hitch trailblazer5640 izzy moonbow10154 pipp petals7908 sunny starscout9362 zipp storm6186 bird10671 earth pony331340 pegasus375062 pony1249411 unicorn412319 g526966 my little pony: a new generation12957 adorapipp776 adorazipp342 award165 credits659 cute225870 eone59 female1538890 group hug1050 hasbro2505 hasbro logo570 hitchbetes301 hug32259 izzybetes1492 james marsden38 jose ucha2 kimiko glenn68 lighthouse351 liza koshy47 logo4648 male435953 mane five (g5)1806 mare579266 maretime bay374 meta17253 movie poster831 my little pony: a new generation logo397 netflix570 netflix logo273 nomination6 poster6111 rainbow5466 robert cullen2 sofia carson57 stallion138967 sunnybetes886 text71453 twitter3353 ursa major awards3 vanessa hudgens52 zephyr heights246


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Ursa Major Awards are very obscure and intended to recognise works featuring anthropomorphism. FiM has won many awards in the past decade and nobody seemed to notice, not even in this fandom.