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the elements of harmony 💎⭐️
safe1922233 artist:cocopudu70 applejack184889 fluttershy233467 pinkie pie234712 rainbow dash255057 rarity199456 twilight sparkle327166 alicorn264964 earth pony339698 pegasus383702 pony1269631 unicorn421638 absurd resolution70442 eye clipping through hair10244 eyebrows13817 eyebrows visible through hair7225 female1557144 gradient background16327 group4902 group hug1057 hug32604 looking at you207830 mane six34681 mare589644 one eye closed38536 open mouth188068 open smile13264 signature33417 smiling316238 smiling at you12298 spread wings70991 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135845 white pupils523 wings163580 wink28931 winking at you2059


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