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safe1974589 artist:kqaii62 scootaloo55565 sweetie belle53525 pegasus408121 pony1326988 unicorn447893 :35850 blush sticker3296 blushing239219 cheek kiss2600 cute236813 cutealoo3456 diasweetes3396 duo118724 duo female20468 eye clipping through hair11053 eyebrows15468 eyebrows visible through hair7846 eyes closed121045 female1606153 filly85080 foal29951 kissing28948 lesbian108661 lidded eyes39159 scootabelle543 shipping230123 smiling332158 spread wings75678 unf343 wings175767


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@Background Pony #F419
very good question, because Scoots is more of a dodo. She’s flightless, but she’s shown A LOT of bravery, remember being scared IS bravery since she’s not afraid to keep trying, when she was afraid of disappointing Rainbow Dash, she STILL tried everything she could to impress her idol, even after having nightmares about being scared, showing the thing she fears even more then dissapointing Dash, is…Fear ITSELF! That’s bravery. But, she COULD be called a dodo, she may be brave, but she’s not REALLY all that smart…she entered a stunt show that the captian literally TOLD Scootaloo that she endangers her team for entertainment AND they avoid all SAFETY rules, yet she still acts surprised that Dust endangered her, or that she didn’t even care about safety…so yeah Scoots is more of a Dodo…which also answers the question (weither she’s a dodo or a chicken), Which came first? The Marshmallow or the Dodo…the answer is The Dodo (or Chicken) since Dodos and chickens both appeared before apes became humans and humans invented the marshmallow!
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