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Uploaded on Friday, March 25, 2022 (vectored originally Thursday, March 24, 2022)
Name puns are fun. 😊 And luxurious Twilie is luxurious. 😏
Vectored from a personal screencap of The One Where Pinkie Knows.
screen is originally from November 10, 2020 - oldie but goodie :D
Been a while since a canon upload so that’s nice too ;)
Drew this base style for reuse, so her tail is strategically covering something… O.o :3
Update the next day, March 26, 2022: 22 hours and 103 faves, love you guys so much 💖🥰🥳
This is now my fastest-faved Derpibooru upload. 🏅
safe1974761 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan515 twilight sparkle333323 alicorn275077 pony1327188 my little pony: the movie20655 the one where pinkie pie knows912 .svg available9540 butt180126 covering4622 female1606379 folded wings13000 lidded eyes39174 looking at you217790 looking back74265 mare619939 mid-blink screencap179 movie accurate1601 out of context4771 plot116647 seductive3268 show moviefied28 simple background503337 smiling332214 smiling at you14273 smirk15917 solo1270927 stupid sexy twilight1323 sultry193 svg4329 tail66849 tail covering338 transparent background248603 twibutt7468 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138745 vector84212 wings175807


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