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Sister Hug commission
Hello all sorry for being very quiet been very busy since the start of 2022 but I can share some new commission work I have done recently
This is an emotional scene with sisters Pipp and Zipp done for NavelColt G5 fanfic How to Hug Your Pegasis .Not drawn anything G5 in a while and its nice to do something that’s just character focused well mostly .
interested in getting your own jowyB commission like this one? please do not hesitate to message me (as long as there is no tight deadline and its not NSFW) i am available to create what you envision.
safe1944708 artist:jowyb1167 pipp petals10696 zipp storm8422 pegasus394397 pony1294285 fanfic:how to hug your pegasis3 g536319 absurd resolution70686 bedroom13307 comforting1460 commission94139 commissioner:navelcolt97 crying49757 duo106910 fanfic10936 female1578076 hug33019 mare603314 open mouth192879 royal sisters (g5)623 sad28126 siblings14303 sisters12517 sitting76978 smiling323142 teary eyes5537 winghug3402 wings168774 zephyr heights267


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Snugs are Drugs for Bugs
I know this is a joke, but the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Pipp’s first response for social media drama is to get Zipp to console her’, and now I’m looped back around to cute.