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From studious shut in to the very face of of the nation, our girl Twilight has one wild ride.
safe1944971 artist:pony quarantine1042 twilight sparkle329960 alicorn269581 pony1294561 the last problem7082 bathrobe1605 bed49183 bloodshot eyes3462 clothes549199 dialogue78570 existential crisis152 female1578295 frown27995 i never asked for this62 mare603460 misspelling2816 older33451 older twilight2590 overhead view541 princess twilight 2.03159 robe4291 sheet586 sheet grab450 solo1245175 talking to herself174 thousand yard stare759 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137250


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Background Pony #85AA
You’re in charge. Declare yourself not princess and remain a librarian. Who’s gonna stop you?
Background Pony #A903
@Background Pony #B627
“This is the maximum security rehabilitation wing, where we keep the murderers, sociopaths, and ponies that dog-ear books and write in public reference materials.”
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Planeswalker — FoME
“On the other hand, seeing some of the crap Celestia pulled in her last years, I can only conclude that nopony’s qualified for this job. I’m just the least unqualified.”