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Is this the correct way to hold your earth pony? Maybe not, but he looks so cute when you do!
safe1945518 artist:cutepencilcase572 part of a set17933 hitch trailblazer7306 earth pony350465 pony1295292 g536459 :o5069 badge1690 blaze (coat marking)2612 blushing234657 coat markings8683 colored pinnae92 colored pupils11748 cute231838 facial markings3798 floppy ears63467 hanging2014 high res83893 hitchbetes339 leg fluff3805 looking at you212237 male450401 open mouth193025 pale belly1731 paper child323 sheriff's badge127 shy5187 simple background490257 socks (coat markings)5084 solo1245644 stallion145497 surprised11050 transparent background243089 unshorn fetlocks34975


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