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safe1878366 artist:luximus17145 applejack182112 fluttershy229366 pinkie pie231144 rainbow dash251105 rarity196200 spike84528 twilight sparkle322005 alicorn256584 dragon65572 earth pony320987 pegasus364116 pony1224181 unicorn401425 the last problem6770 applejack's hat10662 clothes524600 cowboy hat20098 crown22226 dragon wings856 eye clipping through hair9170 eyebrows12195 eyebrows visible through hair6407 female1516160 flying43652 gigachad spike1083 granny smith's shawl233 hat100732 high res76210 hoof shoes6834 jewelry81590 male427817 mane seven7094 mane six34178 mare566064 older31834 older applejack870 older fluttershy843 older mane seven278 older mane six417 older pinkie pie826 older rainbow dash1009 older rarity826 older spike7365 older twilight2343 peytral4430 princess shoes168 princess twilight 2.02967 regalia26074 scarf26418 scene interpretation9469 shoes45315 skunk stripe383 smiling302312 spread wings66917 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133515 wall of tags4919 wings152852


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Background Pony #4435
and then everyone died blah blah blah souls freed Afton going to hell for his sin’s yadda yadda