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safe2116656 artist:luximus17163 applejack196095 fluttershy251936 pinkie pie249920 rainbow dash272745 rarity212836 spike90645 twilight sparkle349729 alicorn302508 dragon81206 earth pony422588 pegasus470911 pony1477894 unicorn512087 g41925750 the last problem7824 applejack's hat13591 clothes611163 cowboy hat24482 crown28588 dragon wings1150 eye clipping through hair13165 eyebrows21508 eyebrows visible through hair10149 female1738504 flying52698 gigachad spike1239 granny smith's shawl287 hat119395 high res103187 hoof shoes9064 jewelry106677 male528867 mane seven7700 mane six36811 mare702374 older37755 older applejack1041 older fluttershy1041 older mane seven306 older mane six476 older pinkie pie973 older rainbow dash1250 older rarity988 older spike8703 older twilight3196 peytral6668 princess shoes873 princess twilight 2.03651 regalia34665 scarf30854 scene interpretation10634 shoes56596 skunk stripe411 smiling376320 spread wings88300 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145980 wall of tags6265 wings207692


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Background Pony #ABCA
Thank you, Princess Twilight and Guardians of Harmony, you taught me a lot about friendship!
Background Pony #4435
and then everyone died blah blah blah souls freed Afton going to hell for his sin’s yadda yadda