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old g5 human designs i made a while ago
Anonymous asked:
youre working on a video? do you have youtube or something thats awesome :D what is it if youre comfy sharjng?
its a storyboard! im making a humanized version of a scene from the new G5 movie (though i wont say which scene)
i can show you the wip human designs ive made for the mane 5, though! (+info on some design choices under the cut, but remember that these are just wips)
i originally designed sunny with an orange sweatshirt and sneakers, but i decided to basically overhaul her outfit to look more breezy/summer friendly. its admittedly pretty plain (and i might change the colors on her shirt so that her sleeves dont blend in so much to her hair), but i wanted it to look like something someone would actually wear in hot weather. so. flipflops
izzys outfit is goth and glitter. the unicorns in the movie all have an emo thing going on, so i wanted izzys outfit to kind of look like she’d bought an outfit at the store and then modified it herself to have more glitter and bright colors. i know she says “im a bit too sparkly for bridlewood” in the movie, and that i wouldve been justified in just giving her an extremely girly-girl outfit with pinks and purples, but i just wanted to give her an outfit with an overall darker palette to contrast the other characters. i imagine she keeps sewing supplies, glitter, etc. in the little bags on her hip :) little girls like goth characters and they love excitable characters, so i think combining the two would make for a really cute fashion doll. sort of like a purple draculaura?
zipps outfit is probably going to be the one to change the most the more i draw her. the only notes i can give are that 1. i wanted it to be flowy and somewhat regal, and 2. i totally hit a wall designing it and it is just kinda ugly imo. sorry i did you dirty zipp, ill figure out what to do with your outfit later on lol
pipps outfit is my faaavorite. her dress is meant to mimic her hoof (pink fading to white, and then a layer of gold fabric to represent the gold of her hooves), and her shoe design is a reference to the leg accessories on her crystal adventure toy. i gave her a fluffy shawl instead of a feathery boa because iiiii like it
finally, hitchs outfit is just pretty basic. he is sheriff, he gets sheriff outfit. i wanted to give him something flashier, but these are designs for how the characters would look in their very first appearances, so this is all he gets. ideally, throughout the movie id want them to get different outfits (they all dress in more “gothic” fashion to help blend in with the unicorns, for example)
i dont have a real channel, since i only have two videos and theyre both just compilations. i would like to start making art related videos (probably just storyboards and things like that), but i have a bad habit of starting projects and then never finishing them, so thats a hurdle i have to get over first lol . but im gonna really try to finish this one!!!

safe2171649 artist:syrupyyy397 hitch trailblazer13849 izzy moonbow21609 pipp petals20929 sunny starscout21433 zipp storm16882 human244830 g575191 my little pony: a new generation14768 alternate hairstyle37830 bag9594 belt9349 boots33310 bracelet15571 clothes633215 crown29850 cute265401 dark skin8661 dress61881 ear piercing43602 earring32583 elf ears2633 female1799660 fishnet clothing890 flats609 flip-flops1252 friendship bracelet852 grin62870 high heels17144 horn189046 horned humanization8049 humanized119360 jeans6520 jewelry112688 leggings3183 light skin6333 lipstick16668 male549765 mane five4206 midriff24305 moderate dark skin1219 necklace32238 open mouth236922 pale skin264 pants22322 piercing63810 pipp is short581 regalia36334 sandals5665 satchel659 sheriff's badge353 shirt40297 shoes59239 shorts19556 shoulderless521 siblings21731 sisters17917 size difference21289 skirt55442 smiling396485 socks95271 stockings48369 t-shirt7077 tan skin563 thigh highs59317 twilight sparkle's cutie mark767 undercut362 vest5916 winged humanization10101 wings222183


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Some quality human designs. Love the very loose, casual feel to Sunny’s clothes. The pointy, elf-like ears on Izzy are a nice touch. Zipp looks slightly androgynous, but I guess that suits her. It seems odd for Pipp to be so short next to everyone else, but a ton of work went into her and it shows. You nailed Hitch. He looks like a grade A Chad, as he should.