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it’s muffins day :)
safe1945926 artist:manicpanda106 derpy hooves53655 pegasus394965 pony1295624 air fryer2 balancing1221 clearly you don't own an air fryer4 cute231902 derpabetes3268 equestria's best mailmare11 food85873 implied lesbian4122 implied shipping6083 implied twerpy5 implied twilight sparkle2256 letter3442 love letter341 love triangle419 mailmare1305 mouth hold20828 muffin6967 open mouth193075 ponies balancing stuff on their nose246 solo1245915


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Background Pony #30AF
This is super cute.
Also, lightning is basically a massive discharge of static electricity, so if you could hypothetically lay on a thunder cloud (ignoring issues with oxygen levels, solidity or temperature), it would make your hair stand on end.