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safe1918630 artist:fanzeem85 twilight sparkle326856 alicorn264312 pony1266292 unicorn419991 castle sweet castle1405 lesson zero1699 season 23588 season 43922 season 52773 season 92312 the last problem6955 twilight's kingdom3365 spoiler:s091576 alternate hairstyle32436 angry31572 beaker223 bust64179 butt155294 clothes540115 cottage169 crazy eyes160 cute228304 female1554135 hoodie17184 hoofprint47 lab coat2504 laboratory719 mare587879 messy mane8841 older32809 older twilight2474 plot106451 ponyville6698 princess twilight 2.03065 raised eyebrow7631 solo1225349 spread wings70780 sweater16691 that pony sure does love science44 turtleneck1685 twiabetes13476 twibutt6945 twilight snapple2171 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135722 twilighting393 unicorn twilight24160 unshorn fetlocks33948 wings163008


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