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safe1917235 artist:cold-blooded-twilight2812 ms. harshwhinny2566 earth pony337924 pony1264961 blushing230744 dialogue76939 ear piercing33946 earring26114 female1552920 frown27356 heart58208 jewelry85826 lipstick13394 mare587181 piercing51189 scowl657 simple background479948 solo1224333 sweat32043 transparent background238938 tsundere3194


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Well, Ms Harshwhinney, first, thank you for your kind ultimatum. However, before agreeing I would like to hear more about the details. Just the usual, of course; summary of out of pocket expenses, time required, remuneration, my funeral arrangements and so forth … medical bills … just the usual.
Background Pony #90A5
“Your mouth says ‘No’, but your eyes say ‘I will literally castrate you if you try anything without my permission’…
…which is kinda hot, to be honest.”