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Quick edit to >>2764512 (which is itself an edit of >>1488772) to make it look better
safe1975317 artist:tjpones edits609 color edit8482 edit157165 edited edit2828 editor:dgck81lnn1 editor:lilliz3 twilight sparkle333422 alicorn275214 pony1327752 adorkable4059 adorkable twilight718 bronybait3218 colored22353 cute236975 dialogue80647 dork4377 female1606911 horn117925 open mouth198485 princess of friendship45 question mark5763 simple background503741 solo1271486 spread wings75752 talking8621 tjpones is trying to murder us83 twiabetes13885 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138781 white background130975 wings175987


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