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Thank you all very much!
I started posting drawings only last month and there are already so many of you! I can’t believe I deserve all these likes, comments and followers. I am very grateful to you all!
I hope I can please you with my drawings too~❤
#mylittlepony #Fluttershy https://t.co/rZYyNvDarC
safe1974117 artist:melodylibris250 fluttershy238466 pegasus407943 pony1326492 blushing239107 bust67274 crying50504 cute236750 female1605865 floppy ears64623 full face view347 heart61344 heart eyes22759 hoof hold10911 looking at something3910 looking down11936 mare619666 open mouth198291 shyabetes17021 simple background503055 solo1270422 stray strand610 tears of joy3071 teary eyes5670 why can't i hold all these x38 wingding eyes30391


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