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😍😍 Thank you Haruhi so much!!!
safe1923029 artist:artharuhi62 sprout cloverleaf1770 zipp storm7249 earth pony340140 pegasus384162 pony1270560 g531486 my little pony: a new generation13337 blushing231507 brown background1011 clothes541377 commission92097 duo101170 female1557765 floppy ears62489 hoodie17230 implied appledash311 implied applejack820 implied lesbian4053 implied rainbow dash1250 implied shipping5976 looking at each other26286 looking at someone5715 male442943 mare590016 shipping225077 simple background481921 smiling316500 stallion141720 straight155404 unshorn fetlocks34109 zippsprout45


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Background Pony #DA7D
If they become a couple, I think they would be similar to Tina & Daffy from “The Looney Tunes Show”
Background Pony #0F6C
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