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“Free Flying”
It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with the Air Ponyville setting, and I think King Kakapo made this look great. Posting to Derpi first with permission.
Jumpsuit version: >>2808978
Casual jumping gear: >>2808979
School uniform skydive: you are here
Just schoolgirls having fun: >>2808983
suggestive173393 alternate version69334 artist:king-kakapo1291 derpibooru exclusive34828 fluttershy238589 rainbow dash259782 twilight sparkle333375 human204399 air ponyville178 breasts344299 busty fluttershy21019 clothes560747 commission97068 falling3136 female1606667 gym shorts388 holding hands3425 humanized110365 jumping4042 looking down11945 multiple variants6864 panties57730 panty shot945 parachute816 ribbon8263 school uniform8423 shoes49756 skirt48143 skirt flip226 sky19209 skydiving518 sneakers5909 socks82079 stockings42131 thigh highs49001 trio17784 underwear70981 yellow underwear658


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With the version of flutter-shy along with twilight and rainbow dash all signed up to skydive in school uniforms when flutter-shy and twilight both believed to show their panties through the harness.