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Artist’s description:
“Ever since moving to Poniville every Hearts and Hooves Day is like this.”
safe1923033 artist:gloomydinosaur31 applejack184924 fluttershy233527 pinkie pie234772 rainbow dash255111 rarity199514 twilight sparkle327247 alicorn265186 earth pony340141 pegasus384162 pony1270563 unicorn422112 blushing231507 box of chocolates219 female1557766 floppy ears62490 grin50191 happy37031 harem1025 heart58486 hearts and hooves day2431 holiday25752 lesbian106679 mane six34689 mare590018 offscreen character42046 omniship236 one eye closed38550 pictogram2108 polyamory7392 rarilight2025 shipping225077 smiling316500 solo focus20993 speech bubble29694 tsunderainbow481 tsundere3197 twidash5575 twiharem16 twijack1243 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135895 twilight sparkle gets all the mares109 twilight's harem42 twinkie1965 twishy1410 valentine's day4178 wink28938


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Background Pony #A004
Turn Twilight into a male (aka. Dusk Shine) and this would be even more like Anime, lol.
Just Wayne
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Umbreon is best Pokemon!
“Girls, I know we’re best friends but this is a bit too much.”
“Who said we’re just best friends?”