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C0mmissiom I did for @Rubyfire377
Perfect for Valentine’s Day ✨
#mlp #mylittlepony #mlpg5 #MyLittlePonyANewGeneration #mlpart #rarity #hitch #pipp #spike #ValentinesDay2022 #ValentinesDay
safe1972155 artist:artharuhi81 hitch trailblazer8067 pipp petals12049 rarity203185 spike87301 dragon72231 earth pony361770 pegasus406970 pony1324153 unicorn446739 g540941 my little pony: a new generation13851 adorapipp1933 blushing238795 clothes559477 commission96742 costume35210 cute236384 duo117791 female1603888 grin53025 hitchbetes370 hitchpipp159 holiday28889 hoodie17742 kigurumi857 male460038 markings2757 onesie999 pajamas3782 raised hoof59894 shipping229812 shy5326 sleepwear69 smiling331438 sparity7693 straight159620 unshorn fetlocks36361 valentine's day4206


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Background Pony #BC8B
crap, I just thought of Harry Styles
“I don’t know why, you’re feeling shy, And turn away when I look into your e-e-eyes…”