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safe1949075 artist:fenwaru341 applejack186525 discord34525 fluttershy236077 pinkie pie236907 rarity201463 spike86562 twilight sparkle330341 draconequus16538 dragon70628 earth pony352095 pegasus396446 pony1299156 unicorn435493 the return of harmony2035 big crown thingy2755 chaos1386 checkered floor42 digital art25280 discorded2051 discorded landscape312 element of generosity1167 element of honesty1146 element of kindness1304 element of laughter1160 element of loyalty1343 element of magic2942 elements of harmony2690 female1582237 floating island338 flying46580 high res84362 jewelry88982 laughing9578 male451601 mare605740 ponyville town hall404 regalia29006 scene interpretation9838 thorn297 twilight sparkle is best facemaker135 unicorn twilight25294 yelling3756


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