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My first time to use Krita to draw a full pony.
safe1971887 artist:hsf22 twilight sparkle332969 alicorn274502 pony1323785 bed50075 chest fluff53338 cute236287 dock61987 female1603604 frog (hoof)17459 looking at you217147 lying down32832 mare618511 nyan28 on back29628 on bed5855 one eye closed39890 solo1268455 spread wings75455 tail66368 tongue out128636 twiabetes13858 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138582 underhoof61772 wings175145 wink29628 winking at you2300


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Twilight Sparkle <3
Twi looks absolutely precious and adorable here!~ ^^
That smile, blep and wink are all so adorable!~ <3 <3 <3
Absolutely spectacular work X3
You did a wonderful job with this pic in every way, you made Twi look extremely cute ^^