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Another pic started almost 3 years ago. Finished up the last 8 or so the last few weeks.
I will be posting a few of them individually each night for the next few weeks.
A few of the stallions have identical poses - I did that intentionally for the ones that are recolors:
Golden Crust & End Zone (minus the horn)
Starblazer & November Rain
Yes, they’re intentionally posed to show all the cutie marks.

safe2208527 artist:cheezedoodle961139 amber grain118 auburn vision337 berry blend589 berry bliss589 berry sweet121 bifröst168 citrine spark498 clever musings202 dawnlighter93 end zone105 fire flicker147 fuchsia frost150 golden crust187 goldy wings99 huckleberry457 lilac swoop69 loganberry137 midnight snack (g4)198 night view121 november rain672 ocarina green77 peppe ronnie52 peppermint goldylinks584 slate sentiments141 starblazer15 strawberry scoop293 sugar maple166 summer breeze300 summer meadow221 tune-up66 violet twirl195 earth pony519769 pegasus512221 pony1638918 unicorn555002 g42063536 .svg available10793 absurd resolution68136 awwburn vision4 background pony12436 bipedal50763 blissabetes25 bow46238 crowd1586 cute270880 dawwnlighter3 diabifröst3 diablazer2 female1842085 flying56485 friendship student2194 grin64544 group8398 group photo1110 hair bow26569 hair bun5641 happy45617 hooves27088 horn210068 lidded eyes50119 loganbetes7 looking at you267638 male564198 mare765910 novemberbetes25 open mouth245274 open smile34382 peppermint adoralinks53 pose8816 quackerdorable38 raised hoof72317 rearing7908 show accurate27295 simple background614704 sitting95288 smiling410323 spread wings98740 stallion201769 standing26861 svg5192 transparent background291563 vector90770 wall of tags7087 wings232960 zoneabetes3


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Background Pony #DE55
Don’t forget about these:
  • Sincere Friendship Student (Lemon Crumble)
  • Pink-Maned Filly (Brown Sugar)
  • Braid-Maned Schoolpony (Candy Grapes)
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Background Pony #DE55
Where’s your Cute Friendship Student (aka Peppermint Goldylinks) vector?
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Background Pony #1D53
It’s almost been a year I’m just wondering when you’ll be able to finish this image?
Background Pony #473C
It’s been 2 years I’m just wondering when you’re gonna finish this image. I’m just asking.