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safe1972158 artist:tsitra3601377 princess cadance36740 princess flurry heart8608 shining armor25880 twilight sparkle333005 alicorn274582 pony1324157 unicorn446740 adorafunny1 brother and sister5620 butt bump841 butt to butt1021 butt touch6279 cute236386 cutedance1434 eyes closed120819 father and child1668 father and daughter3194 female1603890 flurrybetes1045 funny4848 husband and wife1873 majestic as fuck1447 male460040 mare618723 mother and child4037 mother and daughter7045 open mouth197945 shining adorable636 siblings15351 stallion150251 sunshine sunshine352 twiabetes13857 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138597


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Background Pony #B8CF
Twilight: Shining, your little shake a be a little too strong!
Shining: Oh he he he oops!