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decided I’d finally do some days of februpony! definitely not every single day since I would totally burn out lol, but I’ll pick and choose some to do!
first up is favorite mane six member, and I’ve just got to go with dashie,, I love each and every mane six pony so much but rainbow dash has always been sort of my bias lol, I just think she’s a great funky little horse and I’m very intrigued by her complex personality- plus she’s my favorite pony to draw and I’ve been drawing her since I was little, she owns a big part of my heart uwu <3
safe1973128 artist:wanderingpegasus300 rainbow dash259521 pegasus407420 pony1325223 alternate hairstyle33477 chest fluff53418 cute236595 dashabetes10985 februpony326 female1604936 flying47462 grin53077 heart61271 mare619243 markings2759 redesign3395 smiling331717 solo1269547 unshorn fetlocks36406


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