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From ScorpDK’s patron art pack, released for free a little over a week ago
suggestive170495 artist:scorpdk713 sonata dusk14989 human198472 equestria girls231025 adorasexy11233 big breasts104268 boots27793 breasts336432 busty sonata dusk2060 cleavage40338 clothes550440 cute232341 female1581149 gem8008 huge breasts48322 humanized109055 jewelry88894 looking at you212794 necklace25298 panties56824 panty shot914 ponytail22231 sexy36788 shoes48354 siren gem2258 skirt47294 smiling324099 smiling at you13287 solo1247548 solo female204549 sonatabetes1275 spiked wristband1666 stupid sexy sonata dusk349 underwear69744 upskirt6611 wristband4437


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Background Pony #6AC3
Im still sad they did so few nude drawings of Sonata. I love the way they draw her.