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some doodles based on previous drawings I’ve done of dash and flutters- I love the idea of them treating eachother as the sisters they never had and it makes me rlly happy, especially happy to doodle ^^ 💛💙💛💙
safe1921933 artist:wanderingpegasus292 fluttershy233437 rainbow dash255042 pegasus383580 pony1269391 alternate hairstyle32480 animal crossing797 blue background7267 blushing231352 braiding110 chest fluff50685 cloud36432 cute228779 dashabetes10683 doom548 doom eternal56 duo101015 eyes closed115377 female1556888 flying45514 friendshipping628 grin50144 mare589503 markings2582 redesign3211 shyabetes16413 simple background481498 size difference17447 smiling316161 unshorn fetlocks34081


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