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Based on a fun toy description that says Sombra’s back.
safe1808678 artist:orin331580 king sombra14642 sunny starscout5857 earth pony290122 pony1147512 umbrum1277 unicorn370335 g515938 my little pony: a new generation10290 duo82147 evil grin4864 female1454052 grin44239 high res68697 i lived bitch9 male407185 mare529784 meme84978 missing accessory8560 movie accurate1368 simple background432480 smiling280346 stallion124955 stupid sexy sombra446 white background108437


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Don't test my slam jam
Personally, I think someone took an old, probably unused description that had Twilight’s name in it and swapped out her name for Sunny’s. If “last generation” is NOT a typo and in fact referring to G4, it would make sense.
Background Pony #C049
With Hasbro switching over to a new main cast, it is also a confirmation that they don’t have an interest in reusing the previous G4 characters for this new generation, as it will steal the spotlight from the new cast, which is mean to be the main focus of this new generation.
Hasbro over the years has been very careful when reprising VAs
usually when they move to different generations of shows, they don’t reprise old VAs unless absolutely necessary
Background Pony #D2FC
You guys do realize G5 is in the same fucking world as G4, right? It’s not an alternative timeline, it’s not a different world. The sooner you accept this the least surprised you will be with G4 villains coming back. Specially the ones like Sombra who clearly do not age like other ponies or who can come back with magic. Or did you all forget that Sunny just brought all magic back to Equestria? Did you think only good things would happen after that? There are probably a lot of villains who will use magic for their own gains. Even if this is just a typo or a bizarre toy description, there will be villains who will love using all the magic they can to rule Equestria or destroy their enemies.
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Noodles > Everything
@Macaroni C-Pony
I mean, a thing are things of the G4 world to use them in a new world but other thing is using characters again in the first minute instead of trying to create new characters from that world and then later use the classic characters.
Let G5 fly without being the shadow of G4.
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I think him being a unicorn WOULD be a huge plot point. What did they believe unicorns could do? Read minds. Control minds. Fry brains with horn lasers. Are super scary maniacs. Etc. Sombra would validate every fear earth ponies have about unicorns. This would force Sunny to rethink her views on other tribes. It writes itself.
But I don’t think its real news. Its coming from a toy. That’s how we got Princess Skyla.
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Noodles > Everything
For one side, it’s good to see g4 characters can return to G5 but in the other point, it’s something worrying Hasbro wants to return them too soon when G5 is just starting because that means that there is really no purpose of creating G5 if the most attractive thing is more related to G4 than for something of its own. Why did they speed up season 10 of the comics, cancel Pony Life, not release more manga and other G4 material if they don’t want to give G5 a chance to shine?
It’s as if Hasbro has no confidence in G5 because it will never be able to repeat the G4 phenomenon that was already in decline over the years.
Background Pony #D2FC
Since when does King Sombra have minions? Some could say the brainwashed ponies count as minions but why would Sunny save Equestria from them? Wouldn’t she save them? It looks like this time Sombra actually has minions who adore him. Kinda like a cult. As if they were waiting for magic to return in order to bring him back.
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@Background Pony #BF6E
You attack an argument’s strongest point instead of attacking its weakest point.
For example:
Sunny: All ponies should be friends because tribalism is bad.
Sunny: I know any pony can be evil like Sombra regardless of their tribe but he doesn’t represent his whole tribe.