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safe1946250 artist:aleximusprime1739 applejack186367 cozy glow8704 discord34512 fluttershy235815 princess celestia104159 princess flurry heart8497 princess luna108307 rainbow dash257192 star swirl the bearded2202 zecora10344 oc823308 oc:king kriegspiel10 oc:queen kriegspiel10 alicorn269777 pegasus395086 pony1295911 unicorn433921 dream of alicornication38 flurry heart's story325 a worse ending for discord17 age regression1607 alicorn amulet2079 alicorn oc32251 alicornified6542 alternate timeline3369 alternate universe11449 bad end2558 big no232 bow36776 cewestia1883 cloud37252 colt17616 colt discord3 cozy glow is best facemaker587 cozycorn833 crossed arms6700 crying49802 dark clouds157 female1579513 filly82995 flying46511 foal27687 hair bow20766 high res83934 horn112606 horrified745 karma277 male450673 mare604017 older33480 older applejack915 older flurry heart2179 older fluttershy900 older rainbow dash1066 pedestal161 petrification1100 pony discord218 ponyville6801 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency513 pure unfiltered evil1873 race swap17716 safeguard bracelet13 smug7623 spread wings73171 statue2767 wall of tags5253 wings169085 woona5444 younger19967


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