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A demonstration I cooked up that performs a search entirely in the user’s browser. Practical, not really, but very performant, and it even runs most searches within a frame on my mobile phone, generally staying under 16ms there.
Video shows Chromium 96.0.4664.110 on Linux x86_64.
I’m not even going to attempt to tag this with everything in the video.

safe2210327 anonymous artist5152 artist:1stastrastudio323 artist:2snacks351 artist:adequality109 artist:aemuhn163 artist:aleximusprime1976 artist:andy price3755 artist:angrylittlerodent136 artist:anima-dos136 artist:anticular624 artist:assasinmonkey867 artist:auroracursed122 artist:awoomarblesoda189 artist:bae-mon36 artist:be_yourself29 artist:blackligerth94 artist:cactiflowers112 artist:cannibalus119 artist:captainpudgemuffin676 artist:carnifex2452 artist:cloudy glow3422 artist:culu-bluebeaver248 artist:d3pressedr4inbow63 artist:darkestdragonking6 artist:darkflame75656 artist:deannart59 artist:devinian43 artist:draconidsmxz59 artist:dstears737 artist:duo cartoonist81 artist:eqamrd453 artist:equestria-prevails479 artist:equinecheese3 artist:equum_amici180 artist:ernestboy9 artist:farkaska2112 artist:furrgroup722 artist:gihhbloonde694 artist:gradiusfanatic742 artist:gsphere582 artist:habiepon324 artist:huussii156 artist:ikirunosindo97 artist:inspectorvalvert26 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artist:princess-kitsune-tsu580 artist:pwnypony db38 artist:redstoneengine23 artist:saby114 artist:sadatrix75 artist:saltytangerine36 artist:sampodre16 artist:santagiera65 artist:silfoe1576 artist:sinrar359 artist:skoon979 artist:solos11 artist:starcollider327 artist:stellardusk130 artist:stormxf3178 artist:stray prey1418 artist:sugar morning1900 artist:superedit120 artist:sverre93129 artist:szafir87165 artist:talonsofwater112 artist:tanatos194 artist:tcn1205442 artist:the smiling pony832 artist:thefloatingtree165 artist:thelonelampman71 artist:therealdjthed148 artist:thex-plotion69 artist:tikrs007222 artist:tjpones4018 artist:tomatocoup349 artist:trombonyponypie13 artist:vaser88856 artist:viwrastupr563 artist:yakovlev-vad600 artist:zziccardi4 color edit9109 edit176943 edited edit2945 edited screencap93190 editor:anonymous144 editor:glimtendo2 editor:maonyman63 idw21482 kotobukiya1379 screencap298779 apple bloom60879 applejack203397 big macintosh34134 bright mac1771 clover the clever449 coco pommel7385 coloratura3596 cozy glow9767 derpy hooves58213 dinky hooves4720 discord37910 dj pon-333642 fizzlepop berrytwist9942 flam2486 flim2595 fluttershy262646 gallus9227 hitch trailblazer14471 izzy moonbow22487 king sombra17415 lord tirek6347 lyra heartstrings34537 marble pie8472 maud pie15187 moondancer6212 nightmare moon20685 nightmare star803 ocellus6924 octavia melody28011 parasol824 pear butter3956 philomena1218 pinkie pie259746 pipp petals21992 pipsqueak3209 princess cadance40817 princess celestia114435 princess flurry heart9796 princess luna118852 principal celestia4674 queen chrysalis42846 rainbow dash284182 rarity220555 sandbar6896 sci-twi31859 scootaloo59473 scootaloo (g3)612 shining armor28576 silver glow58 silverstream7801 smolder11553 snails5814 snips4642 soarin'18071 somnambula2438 spike93355 spitfire15893 sprout cloverleaf2624 star swirl the bearded2358 starbeam51 starlight glimmer61014 sugar belle3837 sunburst9050 sunny starscout22604 sunset shimmer80435 sunshower raindrops2729 sweetie belle57449 tempest shadow19169 the lone lampman42 trixie80373 twilight sparkle362957 vignette valencia1008 vinyl scratch33642 winona2846 yona6483 zecora11317 zipp storm17765 oc966794 oc:aella breeze17 oc:altersmay earth51 oc:aster wine2 oc:bluehooves35 oc:britannia (uk ponycon)142 oc:canni soda363 oc:ciaran32 oc:cool crow6 oc:cornsilk lavender(kaitykat)6 oc:crystal306 oc:daniel50 oc:delly251 oc:downvote551 oc:echo1024 oc:fausticorn1694 oc:feather freight108 oc:fire ruby11 oc:firebrand218 oc:ironwood atlas4 oc:jack chestnut40 oc:jonin109 oc:late riser121 oc:littlepip5342 oc:lunnaya stasya8 oc:mony caalot84 oc:morse code3 oc:mystic the wise3 oc:nocturnal vision71 oc:pezzhorse14 oc:radiant star130 oc:repentant anon29 oc:rodentmod11 oc:romania9 oc:rosa flame179 oc:rune riddle111 oc:serenity pond171 oc:sinar bulan indonesia31 oc:sollace27 oc:starjax12 oc:starshine sorbet2 oc:the lone lampman4 oc:tool clouds5 oc:upvote205 oc:wingbeat32 alicorn322553 bat pony76861 bird14138 centaur4759 changeling67667 dog13786 dracony9183 dragon87822 earth pony520503 hippogriff14402 human254478 hybrid32128 original species37214 pegasus513145 pony1640805 poodle73 robot12001 scented pony149 sea pony2188 swan176 turkey356 unicorn555854 anthro368528 2017 community collab286 2018 community collab514 2019 community collab809 2020 community collab1138 ask sunshine and moonbeams262 comic:the newcomer48 derpibooru8096 derpibooru community collaboration6179 fallout equestria23547 flurry heart's story462 princess molestia3413 royal sketchbook618 series:fm holidays351 smile hd566 the moon rises50 a bird in the hoof916 a canterlot wedding3757 all bottled up1633 amending fences1430 apple family reunion1238 bloom & gloom1125 castle sweet castle1481 equestria girls260418 equestria girls specials24597 father knows beast1004 feeling pinkie keen1074 filli vanilli1365 friendship math298 g310736 g42064975 g4.58009 g579517 i'm on a yacht917 just for sidekicks1054 magical mystery cure2922 marks for effort1355 meet the ponies114 my little pony equestria girls: better together40383 my little pony equestria girls: dance magic1900 my little pony equestria girls: sunset's backstage pass2933 my little pony: a new generation14944 my little pony: legends of magic578 my little pony: pony life7056 my little pony: the movie21527 overpowered (equestria girls)357 owl's well that ends well539 road trippin119 schedule swap176 scootaloo's outdoor play party18 season 16109 season 25228 season 33309 season 45034 season 53957 season 63399 season 72531 season 83311 season 93519 sleepless in ponyville1473 slice of life (episode)2006 the beginning of the end2475 the cutie pox788 the last problem8078 the mane attraction1317 to where and back again3094 twilight's kingdom3662 spoiler:comic13406 .svg available10798 20221098 3d125666 >:3173 abstract background25207 aesthetics431 alternate hairstyle38986 animated128419 antlers3851 apple bloom's bow3566 applejack (male)1252 applejack's hat15239 armor31985 ask27585 baby16978 baby dragon4555 baby pony9510 baby spike780 babyjack506 barb1925 base used34287 bat pony oc30404 beach22982 beak2099 bed59877 bedroom eyes84296 behaving like a dog1742 bell6938 big crown thingy3216 bikini26501 bipedal50856 biting5357 blindfold5823 blob ponies155 blushing281995 book44577 bookhorse760 boop9496 boots34440 bow46316 braid10391 broom2519 brother and sister7182 brothers1679 bubble berry1853 burrito199 bust80032 cage1315 cake13168 car8521 chocolate4642 chocolate milk834 claw machine98 cloak6559 clothes650512 coffee5092 coffee cup633 coffee mug2042 colored25792 colt22131 colt shining armor188 coronation dress1003 costume39929 couch12875 cowboy boots2766 cowboy hat26795 cropped61771 crossed hooves3000 crown31039 cup9294 cute271157 cutealoo4051 cutedance1641 cutelestia4343 cutie mark51394 cutie mark crusaders22702 cutie mark on clothes6150 dance magic (song)143 dancing11446 dashabetes12602 derpibooru ponified911 diapinkes12843 do the sparkle251 dress63698 ear bite1951 eating13920 element of magic3624 equestria girls ponified5166 eye clipping through hair15839 eyes closed142552 fan1208 feather8834 female1844197 filly100631 filly applejack820 filly twilight sparkle3529 fine art parody661 flim flam brothers1472 flying56558 foal48464 food103910 food costume397 freckles45814 geode of sugar bombs2628 geode of super speed3096 get stick bugged lol40 gif50033 gifs.com805 glasses91147 golden oaks library7185 grin64649 grooming960 guard armor142 hair bow26616 hairband2222 happy new year1852 happy new year 202292 harley quinn727 hat127758 hatsune miku794 headcanon3170 heart79430 high heel boots8961 hippogriff oc1266 holiday35562 hoodie21180 hoof hold13505 hooves27225 horn211071 hospital bed726 hug38490 humanized121535 ice cream6808 impact font1934 interspecies offspring10031 irl84614 j. jonah jameson65 jewelry117897 kisekae793 kissing33310 kotobukiya hatsune miku pony262 laser pistol82 legs12245 lesbian119771 lidded eyes50257 looking at you268182 loop-de-hoop238 luna is not amused718 lunabetes4476 magical geodes11789 magical lesbian spawn15667 mago loves stairs2 male564893 mane five4386 mane seven8009 mane six37997 mango753 mannequin1533 mare767342 meme95130 meta18711 midnight sparkle2955 milk6782 mistletoe2237 monochrome177159 moon32076 moonlight1310 mother and child6575 mother and daughter8756 mouth hold24189 mud3580 mud edit114 mug6473 nation ponies2573 necklace33580 night38960 night sky3107 nintendo switch886 no sound7061 noseboop3770 nuzzling5131 oc x oc24723 offscreen character54156 offspring50717 older41412 older applejack1103 older fluttershy1089 older mane seven315 older mane six489 older pinkie pie1037 older rainbow dash1372 older rarity1030 older spike9369 older twilight4494 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3969 one eye closed47049 one-piece swimsuit6572 open mouth245669 open smile34553 palace217 palm tree3089 parent:big macintosh4249 parent:clover the clever7 parent:fancypants1037 parent:fleur-de-lis502 parent:fluttershy6551 parent:marble pie530 parent:princess luna3100 parent:rarity5652 parent:spike3065 parent:star swirl the bearded102 parent:sunburst1600 parent:twilight sparkle10415 parents:fancyfleur226 parents:fluttermac1898 parents:marblemac168 parents:rariluna77 parents:rarimac99 parents:sparity2033 parents:twiburst320 philomena (software)3 pie4292 pinkamena diane pie22729 plushie31406 ponified51771 ponytail28359 ponytones outfit260 portrait42807 power rangers813 power rangers mystic force48 powerful sparkle8 preening1171 princess twilight 2.03896 rain8071 raised hoof72465 rara1250 raribetes7168 raspberry1372 regalia38003 reindeer antlers696