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#TwilightSparkle #EquestriaGirls https://t.co/L2bKm9kSWK

safe2210052 artist:rileyav807 twilight sparkle362913 equestria girls260369 g42064793 angry37300 bare shoulders6569 blushing281934 breasts400842 cleavage47891 cute271111 denied337 dialogue96305 eye clipping through hair15834 eye shimmer1475 eyebrows26562 eyebrows visible through hair13050 female1843876 looking at you268079 madorable1123 monochrome177142 open mouth245615 open smile34521 simple background615559 sketch84704 sleeveless8927 smiling410967 solo1455678 sparkly eyes1400 text92295 this will end in death3782 this will end in pain and/or death278 twiabetes15654 twilight sparkle is not amused2042 unamused24626 wingding eyes42119


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