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suggestive162194 artist:jailriot29 twilight sparkle322120 alicorn256783 pony1225688 belly32913 belly on floor379 big belly14332 bingo wings2992 book37284 burger2138 butt143052 chubby cheeks4473 clothes525641 dialogue74624 double chin2181 ear fluff38051 fat24615 fat fetish2136 fat wings157 female1517398 fetish45731 food81132 glowing8985 glowing horn23232 hay burger686 high res76327 horn101391 huge belly5332 huge butt12019 impossibly large belly12097 impossibly large butt8217 large butt21975 looking at you199377 magic81585 morbidly obese8894 near immobile377 neck roll1370 obese12996 open mouth179208 panties54946 plot99936 rolls of fat2144 socks76146 solo1196009 solo female197241 talking to viewer3707 telekinesis31741 that pony sure does love burgers234 twilard sparkle1504 twilight burgkle557 twilight has a big ass591 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133545 underwear67263 walking5667 wings153179


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Artist -

>implying I didn’t make this from the afterlife
Thank you kindly though! Life has a way of getting in the way of art, and even I usually don’t have a clue when I’ll have a chance and be in the mood to finish art. As always though, I hope it’s not several months until the next finished pic.